The Russian Program at BYU offers three scholarships each academic year:


Richard L. Chapple Scholarship

Intended for students studying the Russian language.  Richard Chapple was a professor of Russian Language and Literature at Florida State University from 1971-1997. He served as president of the Russian Moscow Mission from 1993-1996.  Dr. Chapple passed away in 1997.

Gerald and Mary Browning Scholarship

The scholarship is intended for students pursuing a degree in Russian.  Mr. and Mrs. Browning are long-time supporters of the Russian program at BYU and the parents of Professor Gary L. Browning.

Gary L. Browning Scholarship

The scholarship is awarded to selected students in good standing and who are pursuing a degree in Russian. Gary L. Browning was a professor of Russian at BYU for many years, and also served as the first mission president in Moscow, Russia.


To be considered for any one of these scholarships, submit your online application here by February 28, 2021.

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