Increasingly, employers seek out college graduates who have had professional experience prior to leaving college.  Imagine how competitive you will be with an international internship under your belt! BYU’s Russian Program gives you an opportunity to combine your love for Slavic languages with your academic and professional interests.


For more information about our internship programs in Russia, Poland, and the Baltic States, contact Dr. Tony Brown.


For more information about our internship programs in Slovenia and Croatia, contact Dr. Grant Lundberg.


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Moscow, Russia 2018 — Russian-speaking
Krakow, Poland 2018 — English/Polish-speaking
Ljubljana, Slovenia 2018 — Slovene-speaking
Zagreb, Croatia 2018 — Croatian-speaking
Vilnius, Lithuania 2018 — English/Lithuanian-speaking
Riga, Latvia 2018 — English/Latvian/Russian-speaking
Tallinn, Estonia 2018 — English/Estonian-speaking